Raw hair is significantly different from virgin hair. Both are human hair extensions; however, raw hair is hair that hasn't undergone ANY heat, steam or chemical processing. It is also typically single donor hair - meaning the hair has been cut from one person. Essentially, the hair is gotten from the donor, cleaned, sewn together to create wefts and this is then used to create our wigs. Howewer, raw hair can also mean multiple donors as long as the hair is not processed in any way. All raw hair is virgin hair but not all virgin hair is raw. The major difference is that virgin hair is steam or heat processed to achieve different curl patterns and textures.

We DO NOT sell graded hair. The grade system is a fabricated way of categorising hair quality. It was created by the Chinese Hair Manufacturers in the hair Industry’s infant years as a tactic to manipulate people into thinking the hair quality is just as good as Raw Indian Hair. Hair labeled as such actually comes from all the comb waste of Indian hair and is chemically processed, tangles, sheds easily and frankly doesn’t last long.

At this time, all of our hair is sourced in India from consenting donors, and is of the highest quality.

The lace frontal has lace that goes from ear to ear and measures 13” x 6”. A lace closure is different from a frontal because it’s a smaller, horseshoe shaped piece of lace that measures 4”x4” or 5”x5”. A lace frontal wig will provide the most styling versatility, but a lace closure wig is more appropriate for those who lead a “get up and go” lifestyle.


*Please note that lace closures can also be parted multiple ways.

It all depends on how full you would like your style to be. For a realistic looking head of hair, we recommend the following:


10” – 14” x 2 bundles (plus a closure)

14” – 18” x 3 bundles (plus a closure)

18” – 22” x 4 bundles (plus a closure)


Please bear in mind that as the length of the hair increases, the width of the weft shortens.


A cool trick to remember, is to always use your longest length to determine the correct amount of hair to purchase. For instance, if you are purchasing 16″/18″/20″, you will require 4 bundles of hair.

There are many factors to consider when you are choosing the right hairstyle and hair texture for you. Lifestyle, personality and face structure; most importantly, are a few aspects to take into account. As a rule of thumb, it's good to know that the curlier the hair, the higher the maintenance. If you just want to wake up and go, we recommend you stick to straight and loose wavy textures.

There are so many factors to consider; products used, climate, water, how often hair is washed, heating tools, and of course how you individually care for our hair. However, considering the best care is taken, your hair can last several years (a minimum of 2-3 years), due to its premium quality.

Just like our natural hair, slight shedding is normal for all hair extensions, however you may experience shedding differently based on how you treat the hair. You can minimise shedding/hair-fallout, by maintaining your hair extensions with great care, make sure to brush them before and after use.


*Please note that our curly hair textures should not be brushed as they can get frizzy. It is best to use a wide tooth comb or your fingers.

Yes! All of our hair is not chemically processed or mechanically manipulated, therefore you can color (bleach and/or dye), curl or straighten it as you desire.


When colouring, we strongly recommend that it is done by a professional, to avoid causing any damage to the hair. Please note that due to being chemically lifted, coloured hair requires additional care.


When styling with heat tools, we recommend applying a heat protector prior to using heated tools such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons, to maintain the quality of your hair. We also advise a lower heat setting when using styling tools to prolong the life of the hair.

Yes, our hair can be straightened and curled and Returned to near-to natural state when it makes contact with water.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer our raw hair wigs and extensions on a wholesale basis. ShadesLondon Hair wigs and extensions can only be purchased at, through our social media channels or at any of our pop up events publicised on our social media pages and/or website.

Washing and conditioning every 1-2 weeks; depending on usage, using heat protector before applying heat, applying a tiny amount of serum occasionally (do not overload!)


*Please note that when washing, you should NEVER brush, comb or unravel your hair while it is wet. Make sure to brush and detangle your hair, when it is dry i.e. before washing. Always ensure you shampoo, deep condition and rinse the hair with all the strands going in the same direction to avoid tangling and shedding.


Alternatively, you can shop one of our haircare services and save yourself the stress.

The entire custom order process is handled personally and carefully. Typically, our custom wigs can be created in 10 to 14 days, depending on the complexity of the style of course. Processing your order for dispatch can take another 1 to 3 days and shipping is all dependant on your location.


We do our best to ensure that all custom units are made with attention to detail while taking the shortest possible time.

Our wig consultancy service is for any client who needs help determining the right ShadesLondon Hair (SLH) wig for them. We typically consult with clients who are either new to wig wearing or just need some advice on which SLH wig is best for them.

The service consists of 4 parts. The first is an audit & analysis process; to determine our client's face shape, personality and lifestyle, followed by wig recommendations based on the results of the audit/analysis. Then we conduct a wig viewing session (via video or in person) and conclude with providing a wig maintenance guide for the selected wig.

The price of the consultation is deductible from the price of the wig our client purchases. Once the consultation is complete and the client is decided on a wig to purchase, we will send our client a checkout code; typically valid for 48hrs, worth the value of the consultation.

We are an online boutique based in London; if the name didn't give it away. While we do not have a physical location we sell out off at the moment, we do have pop ups often where you can come to a location in the UK and view, try and buy from our Collections. Announcements in relation to these pop ups are posted on our website and via our social media platforms.

Order confirmation emails may be delayed as a result of high order volume. Please contact our customer service team if you have not received your confirmation email after 24 hours of your purchase.

ShadesLondon Hair operates solely online, which means we do not have a physical location. However, if you need to send your hair to us; as perhaps you have purchased a service of ours, or you are interested in our wig exchange program, once you have placed your order or made your request, we will contact you with delivery details and instructions on how to get your parcel to us.

For customer service inquiries only, please email Our Customer Service Team is available from 9am - 6pm GMT on all business days. We do our best to respond to all customers within 48 hours. Response times may be extended during holidays, promotions and immediately following launches/restocks. Inquiries are answered in the order they are received; please do not send multiple emails as this will place you at the end of the queue.

We also have a dedicated phone line available through out working hours. Please also bear in mind time differences as we are based in the UK. Our call lines are not toll free.

Please see our Contact Page for more information.

All sales are final. Orders can not be cancelled, changed or modified once they have been placed. Please ensure all info is correct before submitting your order.

All sales are final. For more information on refunds and returns, visit our Shipping & Returns page.

*Please note that reserves the right to refuse any returns at any time.

Processing time for orders is 10-14 business days (business days do not include weekends or holidays). These times may be extended during holidays, launches/restocks, limited edition releases and promotions. Once shipped, delivery time within the United Kingdom is 1-2 days.


Please note, we are not responsible for any shipping deliveries that may be affected by, but not limited to, the following: customs, natural occurrences, air/ground transportation strikes/delays or transfers done by international mail carriers.


Learn more on our Shipping & Returns page

Please contact our Customer Service Team at to report any issues with your order. We will review all issues that are submitted within 48 hours of delivery of the package. Requests received after this timeframe are no longer eligible for review.


Customers must provide photos of any product/order issues along with their packing slip (please ensure stamped initials are visible). Please note that items shipped using a mail forwarding service are not eligible for replacement or exchange of any kind.


Learn more on our Shipping & Returns page

Orders are sometimes delayed through the postal system and waiting a week or so, usually does the trick. If your order still doesn't arrive, please contact our Customer Service Team at with details of your tracking number and we will advise you as to the next steps.

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